Squirrel Toss

It’s near time for the 2019 West Coast Ragtime Festival. I felt motivated to compose another ragtime song. This one took a couple of weeks off and on.

This piece tells a short story about squirrels. If I could draw, I’d add a cover page illustration!

  1. Introduction: Bob notices something outside the window.
  2. Squirrels are playing in the yard.
  3. Bob uses a box trap to catch the squirrels.
  4. The squirrels are anxious. Bob uses gloves to remove them from the trap, then catapults them into the trees using an inner-tube slingshot.
  5. Coda: The last squirrel bites Bob, who flings it onto the roof before going back inside.

I guess there is little else to say…

The recommended tempo is 84 to the quarter note (duration 2:25).