Category: Games

Shooting Targets

Here are some namesake themed pistol shooting targets in PDF format. They work especially well if printed on thicker paper or card stock, which are then attached to target frames at the shooting range using a staple gun or masking tape. There are four files for two paper sizes (8.5 x 11 or 11 x …

Pentomino Packing

Idiot Test

This trivially simple game was not my idea, but it was one of my first JavaScript projects. Enjoy (but beware!)

Cryptogram Helper

Whether you like doing daily cryptograms from the local newspaper or creating your own, you may find Cryptogram Helper interesting. Click below to try it out. This utility will let you type in a cryptogram, or copy/paste it from another web page, and work on it easily without worrying about pencil and eraser. If you …