Squirrel Toss

It’s near time for the 2019 West Coast Ragtime Festival. I felt motivated to compose another ragtime song. This one took a couple of weeks off and on, and plus a lot of minor edits ever since.

This piece tells a short story about squirrels. If I could draw, I’d add illustrations.

  • Farmer Bob is looking out his window and notices something
    • A squirrel is getting into the bird feeder
  • Bob constructs a slingshot trap
    1. Bicycle inner tube
    2. Colander
    3. Hair trigger
  • The squirrel is catapulted into the trees
  • Bob celebrates its funeral
    • …prematurely, as it turns out the squirrel just comes back for more
  • Bob confronts the squirrel, who bites him
    • He flings it onto the roof
      • He goes back inside, defeated

The recommended tempo is 84 to the quarter note (duration 2:25).

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